The Luxury of Teamworking

Melbourne, Australia
Photos by Peter Clarke



Interior design is undergoing a particular moment of transformation, especially when approaching the design of working spaces where employee efficiency and wellness need to be equally preserved. Corporate spaces are being redesigned keeping in mind new working behaviours and organisational structures, and bringing together interior design skills with a broader knowledge of human interactions, services, and teamwork facilities.


The demands of modern working life show no sign of abating, however forward-thinking employers are increasingly looking to workplace design to play a positive role in the wellbeing of their employees, whilst improving productivity and reinforcing brand positioning and company values at the same time. One such business is Melbourne property developer PDG who appointed interior architecture practice Studio Tate to redesign its Swanston Street, Melbourne, headquarters. The project challenge was to improve internal communication and productivity, and facilitate a feeling of wellbeing uncommon in most workplaces – an office that looked more like a home or hotel than a typical workplace.


The new interiors had to facilitate collaborative and productive teamwork, hence Studio Tate’s layout of the unique hexagonal building dedicates generous spaces to meeting rooms and communal breakout spaces that encourage spontaneous collaboration. In planning the space, the experience of both employees and guests was carefully considered from the moment the elevator doors open onto floor 17. The design is split into three main areas: the entry and reception, Managing Director’s office, and the workspace.


The grand reception area is an invitation to experience the entry’s contemplative luxury. Stone floors are combined with the warmth of an island of comfort conceived with Leslie armchairs, Seymour seating system and the Catlin side tables.


The impressive entrance leads to a beautiful reception area that evokes the feeling of an exclusive hotel lobby. Paying tribute to PDG’s emphasis on high-quality projects and lasting relationships, using a metaphor, the concept was thought to be like a tailored suit, made to fit an individual’s exact proportions using the finest fabrics, with every last detail considered, from the hand-stitching to button selection.


The entrance and the large reception area of PDG’s headquarters in Melbourne.