Andante is a lifestyle expert specialising in contemporary designer furniture, lighting, and decorative items and the exclusive dealer of Italian luxury Minotti furniture.


Minotti 2021

Andante is the first lifestyle store to showcase Minotti 2021 collection in Asia! 


Mix and match these pieces for an accessible way to add your personality in any space.

Founder & Director of Andante, Tony Luk

'Our goal is to bring luxurious living to Hong Kong with a furniture "boutique" to compose home symphonies from fine furniture and art pieces.'

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  • The outdoor lounge space is suitably cool and tropical.
  • Exemplifying comfort and hospitality through innovative desgns that do not compromise on modularity, style or morphological versatility, the stylisation and composition of each room are endless.
  • Utility and style collide in an impossibly grand home that's composed of two adjoined townhouses.
  • 室內和室外的作品都環繞多功能與靈活度為宗旨,具強烈的酒店式高級風格,同時在細節中注入舒適實用的人性化設計。
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