Framing the Mediterranean Sea

Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Photos by Mauricio Fuertes


The swimming pool with Minotti Aston “Cord” Outdoor loveseat and Bellagio “Outdoor” side table.


Positioned in one of the most desirable settings in Mallorca, Cap Adriano villa is a pearl that only few can admire. With its breathtaking landscape, enhanced by the unique sea view of the Malgrats Islands, the villa reveals an unforgettable canvas that visitors can store in their memories. A luxurious living arena in which the Spanish architecture firm Gras Reynés Arquitectos has been able to transform into an exclusive experience.


In fact, exclusivity can be experienced in every single detail of the interior and exterior spaces, from the outdoor courtyard to the special rooms. Understated elegance can be seen within the choice of natural and organic materials - such as wood and stone – and the use of a natural palette and hues inspired by the harmonic combination of light and tones typical of the beautiful settings of the Mediterranean Sea.


In the patio continuing the living room Aston “Cord” Outdoor sofa and armchairs frame a unique sea view of the Malgrats Islands.


'A pearl in the sea where exclusivity can be experienced in every single detail of the interior and exterior spaces', Founder of interior design firm Terraza Balear Mariana Muñoz characterised.


In the bedroom the need for comfort and privacy is completed with a personal outdoor patio. The main actor is Curtis bed that is set on a warm Dibbets Cambré rug, made functional by Morrison bedside table and Freeman bench placed at the end of the bed. A cosy reading corner is made putting together Andersen Paolina armchair, Duchamp coffee table and Villon pouf. In the outdoor space Aston “Cord” Outdoor chaise-longues are placed next to the timeless Cesar coffee table, which this year is celebrating its 15th anniversary.


Encompassing approximately 800 square metres of real estate, the split-level home comprises six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three living areas, a gym, and an exterior pool. It is thought to give as much space as possible to the outside view of the sea: large window openings with delicate framing structures allow the eye to visually perceive that interior and exterior spaces form a single structural element together with the sea and its horizon. In this frame where the sea is the main protagonist, the structure becomes a shelter for people who wish to enjoy this natural element in total comfort.


The Quadrado modular system is upholstered with textiles that combine elegance with a touch of exotic decoration. The framework is an invitation to feel at home while relaxing near the swimming pool.
The Quadrado modular seating systemdesigned by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 for the 2018 Collection, finds its perfect position creating a relaxing panoramic area while contemplating the Mediterranean Sea.