[On design anthology] Milan Design Week 2022: Editor’s Picks

Written by Andante Hong Kong
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Andante 引入的 Minotti 以「意大利製造」作招徠,其中由Rodolfo Dordori 設計的 Twiggy 和Goodman 梳化為2022年室内系列的主打設計,同樣融入1970 年代風格,減省繁複的視覺元素。Twiggy包括單人扶手椅、長凳、梳化和躺椅版本,以皮革、磨砂皮或織物覆蓋,彎曲底座由半亮面抛光鋁或黑咖啡色抛光漆面的鋁製成,別具雕塑感。Goodman 則以青銅或拋光鉻金屬腳支撐,加上與其飾面相匹配的周邊框架 ,看起來猶如懸浮半空:特色絎縫線營造出椅墊似的視覺效果,袋裝彈簧則結合聚氨酯襯墊,柔軟舒適。

[On Forbes] Minotti Marks 75th Anniversary With Sleek New Collection, Revealed In First-Ever Film

In the dynamic sphere of contemporary furniture design, Minotti stands as a paragon of style and innovation. For an impressive 75 years, this Italian powerhouse has been orchestrating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, its roots firmly planted in the fertile soil of classical design, while its branches reach out to the future, casting a shadow of influence that extends far beyond its immediate surroundings.