Inside The Hong Kong Home Of Stanley Leung

Hong Kong, China
Photos by Tony Luk
Styling and creative direction by Natalie Dunn



Nestled on a secluded, one way road on The Peak is one of few stunning colonial-style homes. Kept in immaculate condition with a sprawling garden lawn and terraces that overlooks Victoria Harbour, this “colonial gem” has been given a complete makeover by banker ST Leung. From the moment you walk up the roadside stairs and into this gated property, it doesn’t feel like you’re in Hong Kong, it feels more like you’re about to enter a European-style retreat from a bygone era. The fact that the home is elevated from the street level offers a sense of privacy from the occasional hikers. Once inside, you won’t be able to stop marveling at the contemporary Chinese artwork to the amazing views seen from various parts of the house. Other factors that attracted Mr Leung to this light-filled and airy four bedroom abode were the traditional architecture features and nature surroundings.

The exterior of Mr. Leung’s colonial-style home.

One of the cosy family rooms is adorned with a Zhang Xiao Gang painting titled Comrade and an array of designer furniture.


‘This Tudorbethan/Jacobethan-style home was built more than 100 years ago. It was built initially to cater to large families from overseas. It’s expansive in size and it’s functional,’ says Stanley. ‘The natural elements and traditional architecture such as the large verandas, is what drew me to it. The overhanging roof, tall ceilings and green spaces surrounding the house makes it a natural oasis. There’s also a fireplace and the fact that I’m able to get firewood is great. The place was built with lime stones and faces the south direction so there are warm winters and cool summers. The indoor and outdoor entertaining areas makes hosting so easy and effortless. I use the home office and art studio to showcase the artworks because it’s very practical to move things and go from one room to the next. It feels serene because there’s a lot of proportion and space.’


This neutral-toned sitting room features a Minotti Boteco coffee table, a Minotti Torii sofa, and a Minotti Osaka carpet.


Filled with designer furniture – the minimalist decor retains warmth through the honey coloured hardwood flooring, and an extensive library that covers the length of the living room. The collection of contemporary artworks – which are rotated as Leung is a keen collector – include an uplifting Yue Minjun painting in the living area and a Red Visa No.2 painting by Wang Guangyi in the master bedroom. Other 20th century Chinese artists that he collects from include names such as Zao Wou-Ki, Sanyu, Chu Teh-Chun, Wu Guanzhong, Yun Gee, and Pan Yuliang. To give each art piece its own space and let it “speak for itself”, Stanley purposely chose sleek and minimalist furniture by high-end designers such as Le Corbusier and Minotti.

 The bedroom is adorned with a painting by Wang Guang Yi titled Red Visa No.2 (1995) and pieces that include a Poltrona Frau Mr. Moonlight bed and 1991 Armchair.

‘My favourite pieces always include something that’s old – they’re classics that have been with me for 25 years,’ says Stanley. ‘The Le Corbusier sofa set, dining table and Barcelona stool are truly timeless. The more contemporary furniture I have are pieces such as the Minotti Torii 2020 collection, purchased from Andante. I like the synergy of Japanese design and Italian craftsmanship. I have an Akita Inu – (Inu in Japanese means dog) – so my affinity for anything Japanese comes naturally. I’ve found that the Japanese designs, aesthetic and dimensions are more suitable for Asians. The Torii sofa set and lounge chairs are inspired by a Japanese gate found at the entrance of a Shinto shrine. Tori in Japanese means bird and i means to live so the word Torii translates into something special for the home. It means that there’s something sacred about the family room and a balanced well-lived life.’ The clean lines continue with a rectangular glass dining table, which receives light from the large windows of the verandah, to an elegant palatte of grey and white classical fixtures in the master bathroom, complete with a freestanding tub.
The modern dining room houses a Cassina LC6 Table by Le Corbusier and six Cassina Philippe Starck Caprice chairs.
Despite looking perfect as it is. If he could change one feature, however, what would it be? “The oven,” he unexpectedly tells us. “This home has inspired me to cook and getting a better oven would be perfectly self-indulgent.