[On Gafencu] Belissimo Arte

Andante features three new collaborative artists to reflect its louvre of artistry.

If furniture adds character to a home, art enlivens.While lifestyle expert Andante has long established itself as a leading destination for all things modern design, the brand goes beyond luxury fittings. Continuing its endeavour into the art world, this time around it is spotlighting three new collaborative artists to bring to life its newly refurbished 600 sq m showroom. Highlighting Italian artists Eugenio Filippi, Paolo De Stafani, and Massimiliano De Flori.

Originally published on 1 August 2022.

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[On Vogue Hong Kong] Shapes and Shadows


Originally published on May 2022.

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[On Vogue] Italian Artistry


Originally published on July 2022.

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