J.P. Morgan Client Centre - Reception & VIP Room
JP Morgan, as a global leader in financial services, offers solutions to the world's most important corporations, institutions, and governments. The combination of Minotti Andersen Line "Quilt" sofa, Noor coffee table, and Davis ottoman shows professionalism, while the Prince armchair in orange leather and the triangular element of the Sullivan coffee table add vitality to the whole setting. In another area, the contemporary Caulfield coffee table is featured.

Featured items:
  1. Minotti Andersen Line "Quilt" sofa
  2. Minotti Prince armchairs with footstool
  3. Minotti Sullivan coffee table
  4. Minotti Noor coffee table
  5. Minotti Davis ottoman
  6. Minotti Caulfield coffee table


Written by Andante Hong Kong
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