Design: Rodolfo Dordoni
Structure and proportions usher in a new architecture of the sofa. White seems to be a composite of perfectly balanced shapes and sizes.

The repetitive overlapping of horizontal lines forms a highly distinctive aesthetic pattern that is further emphasized by the use of several different materials. The base of the sofa can be upholstered in fabric, leather or saddle-hide upon which the seat backs, cushions and tray tops are placed to create a captivating interplay of shapes and alternating positive and negative spaces. The sofa is suspended above the ground by very slender feet in Pewter colored die-cast aluminum, an exclusive design by Minotti Studio, that are set at 45° angle to the sofa corners, lending added flair, even to larger-sized compositions. To make White even more welcoming, the padding in the cushions was enhanced with a deeper layer of goose down, making them luxuriously soft, creating a very pleasant contrast to the sleek formality of the sofa’s base. A unique advantage of the White seating system lies in the option of adding tray tops in place of the armrest or along the back, making it possible to create visually captivating and functional compositions. In the shape of cubes, they have the same depth as the sofa base, and are covered in saddle-hide in the following colors: Mud, Tobacco, Dark Brown and Black, or glossy lacquer Sand and Granite finish. Saddle-hide is a sophisticated, elegant and timeless material that lends special charm to every object and finds its ideal application in the White sofa, conveying the sense of added value, a clear expression of the most authentic Made in Italy products. The skillfully executed stitching reflects the tradition of luxury leather working and bestows greater precision to the simplification of shapes, underlining the architectural bones of this seating system.

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