Landfield Rug

Design: Rodolfo Dordoni
Crafted to resemble modern art paintings, the Landfield rugs play a key decorative role and add welcoming warmth to any space.

As modern art, the Landfield rugs draw inspiration from “color field” painting, a style closely related to abstract expressionism, in which the color field idiom is thought to intensify the purity of the colors themselves through combination with basic geometric shapes. The Landfield rugs come in two sizes and offer extremely refined color combinations that blend shades designed to pair faultlessly with the fabrics in the collection.

Rug made from 100% Lyocell® (a cellulose fibre) hand-crafted according to the manual Tufting method. The surface, 16 mm in thickness, made of shorn viscose (Lyocell®), produces bright, iridescent reflections. The upper layer is made of polyester; whereas the lower layer is treated with natural, prevulcanized, antiallergenic latex. Overall weight: 6,5 kg/m2. The design is composed of fields of color that blend into one another by means of shading.

Rug is available in these colors:

  • Stardust (composed of Pewter, Granite 1535, ecru and stone);
  • Eclipse (composed of Silver, Alps Lake 1527, ecru, Stone and Iceberg 1510);

The color Silver is not included in the 300×300 cm Eclipse rug design.

N.B.: because of the manual, craft-based working technique used, the overall dimensions of the rug might vary by approximately 3 cm.

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