Dibbets Rainbow

Design: Rodolfo Dordoni
Rugs play a key role in creating a warm and inviting environment. Which explains why the Minotti Rug Collection is constantly updated by the Style Office with new product ideas and new colors.

Added to the already extensive range of color options for the Dibbets rug is the new Aubergine shade that joins Sand, Oil, Stone, Silver, Pewter, Ecru, Rust and Dark Brown on the color wheel. Dibbets Rainbow, with its characteristic gradations of color, welcomes the new variation called “Boreal” that combines Ecru, Grey, Blue and Brown. New in 2013 is the introduction of round rugs in diameters of 3.5 and 5 meters.


Rug made from 100% Lyocell® (a cellulose fibre), hand-crafted according to the manual tufting method. The surface, 16 mm in thickness, made of shorn viscose (Lyocell), produces bright, iridescent reflections. The upper layer is made of polyester; whereas the lower layer is treated with natural, prevulcanized, antiallergenic latex. Overall weight: 6.5 kg/square metre. Because of the manual, craft-based working technique used, the overall dimensions of the carpet might vary by approximately 3 cm. The main feature of the rug is the shading that mixes various colors vertically throughout its length. The rug can be made to measure (multiples of 50 cm). Rug available in: Arctic (White, Ecru, Grey and Pewter shading) and Forest (Rust, Petroleum and Ecru shading). New color 2013: Boreal (Ecru, Grey, Blue and Dark Brown shading, the degradé effect develops from the centre, which is lighter to the external part, darker).

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