Reeves Large

Design by Rodolfo Dordoni
The Reeves “Large” armchair- with its generous proportions and enveloping lines-has a molded structural polyurethane shell with interior layer in flexible, high-density polyurethane. The back of the armchair rests on a sophisticated curved metal support with a glossy light bronze painted finish, while the front of the Creed “Large” chair sits on legs made of solid Sucupira wood with stained mink color finish.

Structure: metal seat coated in fireproof polyurethane foam with suspension provided by high-rubber-content elastic webbing. Backrest in structural polyurethane (BAYDUR® 60), coated in flexible fireproof polyurethane foam. Backrest of the “Wood” armchair is in curved, veneered Sucupira plywood with stained Mink finish laminated to a structural polyurethane. Backrest and seat casing in breathable heat-bonded fireproof fiber.
Covers: fabric or leather covers can be removed by removing the metal frame. The “Wood” armchair backrest cover can not be removed.
Legs: solid Sucupira front legs with stained Mink finish and with upper and lower metal plates in light Bronze painted finish. Back support in press- formed metal with a glossy light Bronze painted finish. The “Small” armchair swivel base has 70×10 mm metal crosspieces with glossy light Bronze painted finish and adjustable rubber feet. The base has a 360° swivel movement with return. Protective bronze-painted SEBS glide (soft scratchproof rubber).

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