On November 26th, Andante was honoured to be proud hosts for a top-tier alumni welcome-back gathering for UCL – one of the leading research universities in the U.K., not to mention the world. The event sparked a lively exchange of inspiration and ideas between different generations of alumni – recent graduates and prominent graduates from the past. It was a true networking opportunity for all, and a definite night to remember.

Following a champagne reception came speeches by Professor Peter Bishop and Mr. Andrew Ng, the Chairman of the UCL Hong Kong Club. Other illustrious personnel in attendance included Mr. David Cobb, Director of Business Development, making this a truly stellar academic line-up.


十一月二十六号,世界知名的伦敦大学学院(UCL)举行了别开生面的交流会,往届毕业生们喝着香槟,来共同庆祝顺利毕业的新毕业生 ,并和新生分享成功的经历。此次聚会邀请的往届毕业生,俱已成为各行各业的翘楚,也将为新毕业的学生们创立榜样。
城市规划教授 Mr. Peter Bishop及巴特雷特建筑环境学院商务拓展总监 Mr. David Cobb 也出席了此次盛典。这次特别的聚会在Andante举办,大家在Minotti的最新2013 系列旁把酒言欢,度过一个愉快的晚上。
26 November 2013
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