On 12th September 2014, Andante dazzled VIP guests with a stunning array of Minotti 2014 latest collection and Sextant III timepiece collection from Juvenia.

A sextant is an historic piece of navigational instrument. It also happens to be the name of longtime product of the Swiss watch brand Juvenia. Juvenia originally released the Sextant collection back in 1940s. Today the Sextant III is a modern version of the classic with a dial that continues the theme which began long ago. Then hands on the dial of this timepiece are a protractor, ruler and compass needle.

Tony Luk, the owner and founder of Andante, also introduced Minotti 2014 new collection. The new arrival Collar and Leonard seating system, the Aston indoor/outdoor range and many other furnishing accessories, exude Minotti’s refined elegance and keep in the brand’s aesthetic language – deriving from the inseparable combination of classic and modernity, tradition and technology, luxury and fashion, rigor and comfort.

12 September 2014
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