Chartered guests of The Rotary Club had gathered at Andante on 23 March 2012. During drinks, guests wandered the Andante showcase while admiring the tour of Italy branded furniture features the relationship between “Art of Living with Furniture Design”. The guests have enjoyed trying out the 2011/12 furniture by Minotti which most of them expressed that this collection can prove the successful marriage of both timeless design and luxurious comfort . “The Ladies Night” themed event provided an unforgettable sensory experience for everyone.
Andante 於3月23日為香港西北區扶輪社舉行了 “扶輪社女士之夜”,到場貴賓一方面可以共聚暢談、品嚐美酒、另一方面更藉此欣賞Andante展廳的意大利品牌傢俱所帶出傢俱設計與生活藝術的學術。 貴賓們非常地欣賞2011/2012年的Minotti 傢俱系列, 而他們認同 Minotti 此傢俱系列能擁有其獨特設計與豪華舒適,兩者配合不但完美、成功、而且永恆。 “扶輪社女士之夜”為毎位賓客帶來無與倫比的生活感宫之旅。
23 March 2011
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