On 24th September, Andante presented an exceptionally grand porcelain auction with the great strength of Ms. Alice Chiu.

Highlights include a series of porcelains handmade by Master Ji Xigui, who is a well-known Great Master of Arts and Crafts in China, also the founder of ‘Guishan Yao’, an Intangible Cultural Heritage located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Masterpiece crafted by Ms. Ji Xigui, ‘Plum Blossom on Vase in bluish white and coral red color’ (estimate: RMB 380,000) was sold for RMB 600,000. While another artwork crafted by Ms. Guo Yi, student and daughter of Ms. Ji Xigui, ‘Qingzhui Horse made in Year of Jwwu (2014)’ (estimate: RMB 38,000) was sold for RMB 62,000. Altogether the 8 sales of porcelains from ‘Guishan Yao’ achieve a combined total of RMB 720,000, and all profit will be donated for charity purpose.

24 September 2014
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