Andante’s  10 + TEN Exhibition Series: Aperture #4 – x Joseph Sy’s Holyland Dream – 8th October 2015

As part of Andante’s 10th anniversary exhibition Series:”10+TEN” Aperture #4, we are proud to present the photographs by Joseph Sy, whose design work has gained up to 72 international recognitions and awards.

Two themed series of photos: “The Holyland Dream” and “Zhangjiajie / Hunan, China” are exhibited. “The Holyland Dream” is a unique series of images that seek to reinterpret a heavenly realm through a dreamer’s perspective. With a childlike creativity to see the unseen, Sy plays with the photos taken during his trip to Israel, and recreates an otherworldly reality for others to engage with.

As to “Zhangjiajie / Hunan, China”, similarly in this set of, Sy artistically redefines physical reality – by superimposing two worlds, they become one altogether; embodying a greater and fuller existence, which render the images with some surrealism.

Pastor Daniel Ng and Mr. Steve Leung (Steve Leung Design) officiated the opening ceremony with some enlightening addresses. Other important guests – who attended were the Italian Trade Commissioner, Ms. Paola Guida, Mr. Antony Leung, Mr. Stephen Lam, Mr. Mahesh Harilela and Mr. Brandon Chau. Prominent architect and designer guests have also attended and they were Mr. Winston Shu (Integrated Design Associates), Mr. William Lim (CL3), and Mr. Antony Chan (Cream Design), Mr. Jason Yung (Jason Caroline Design) and Mr. Patrick Leung (PAL Design).

The photo exhibition will continue to the end of November, 2015.
Andante 十週年系列活動攝影展暨酒會“10+TEN”之光圈 4 -洪約瑟攝影展

10 月 8 日,香港中環律敦治中心 Minotti 展廳內迎來 Andante 公司十週年系列活 動: “10+TEN” 之光圈 4 – 洪約瑟攝影展,作品由著名建築及室內設計師洪約瑟 先生拍攝展覽。

本次攝影展以“聖地之夢”和“張家界” 兩個系列的照片作為主題。“聖地之 夢”是一個獨特的相片系列。它透過夢者的角度重新詮釋天界的形態。洪約瑟先 生帶著童心般的創造力拍攝了他走訪過的以色列,使我們融入到前所未見、超凡 脫俗的仙境。

“張家界(中國,湖南)”的相片系列裡,洪約瑟先生用藝術的手法 – 疊加後 的實物效果,重新定義了虛擬和現實兩個世界,使兩者融為一體,呈現出更強更 全面的存在感,也使圖片更接近縹緲和虛幻。

本次活動很榮幸邀請到吳宗文牧師(Pastor Daniel Ng)和國際著名建築及室內設計 師梁志天先生(Mr. Steve Leung)主持開幕儀式。同時意大利貿易專員 Ms. Paola Guida、前財政司司長梁錦松先生(Mr. Antony Leung) 、前政制及內地事務局局長 林瑞麟先生(Mr. Stephen Lam)、SI 能源控股有限公司行政總裁馬赫什夏利萊先生 (Mr. Mahesh Harilela) 、周國豐先生(Mr. Brandon Chau),著名設計師徐騰先生(Mr. Winston Shu)、林偉而先生(Mr.William Lim)、陳志毅先生(Mr. Antony Chan)、容基 祐先生( Mr. Jason Yung)、梁景華先生(Mr. Patrick Leung),亦賞面應邀出席本次開 幕典禮。

展覽將持續至 11 月底。歡迎各行業喜愛 Minotti 和攝影的朋友前來觀賞。

8th October 2015
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