Minotti 2021 Collection

Coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni with Minotti Studio
The stylistic theme behind the 2021 Collection offers a new, modern take on the Mid-Century spirit, halfway between Rationalism and Brutalism, endowing the wide range of furniture designed for interiors with a contemporary feel and a distinctive kind of elegance. Coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni with Minotti Studio, the collection has been designed by a team of international designers, from Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 to GamFratesi, as well as Rodolfo Dordoni himself. The architecture that hosts the collection is inspired by Rationalist and Brutalist architectural references, mellowed by the presence of welcoming materials, such as the honey-coloured oak of the windows, steel with a reflective satin finish and the Dark Brown stained palisander Santos of the panelling. The alternation of bold graphic shapes, such as the large circular form shaped into the concrete wall or the upside-down "V" of the windows, marks the boundary between indoor and outdoor in the living spaces. The Brutalist architecture is mellowed by the furnishings of the 2021 Collection, with its mix of leathers in sophisticated colours and the softness of its textiles, not to mention the variety of wood and exquisite stone materials. These are enhanced by an interplay of glossy and matt effects, a wide range of textures and the presence of couture details. Like notes dotted over the sheet music of a harmonious symphony, the new volumes with their sophisticated shapes compose the 2021 interior decoration project designed by Minotti. The living space hosts the Roger seating system by Rodolfo Dordoni, versatile and completely innovative also due to the exceptional modularity of the individual elements, capable of meeting all design requirements and catering for several targets thanks to its wide variety. Roger is the perfect match for the Belt family of armchairs and little armchairs, also by Dordoni, and the Lido family by GamFratesi, interpreted as a comfortable nest. A new vein of taste, in an open dialogue with the brand’s design approach, is defined by Brasilia and Superquadra, two product families by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 that span from the living to the night areas. While the experience of a continuous passage between indoor and outdoor environments goes from strength to strength, in residential and hospitality settings, in 2021 Minotti proposes a series of furniture that now also explores the spaces used for working and studying, both in the office and at home. A carefully chosen, elegant selection of furnishing elements by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 marks the debut of this new direction.


For years, Minotti has tackled the theme of hospitality with a precise, unique vision, far from the plain and simple contract aesthetic, thanks to varied collections in high quality design proposals, sporting sartorial content and stylistic charm. The proposed interior design solutions, created for interiors with a vocation for socialising and relaxation, and for open-air spaces located on different latitudes, blend flawlessly into highly prestigious projects in hospitality contexts of various types, set both in metropolitan contexts and immersed in nature, not to mention corporate, retail or yachting spaces. The 2021 Collection, in indoor and outdoor versions, comprises many versatile furnishing elements designed for the residential environment but with a strong hospitality feel. Their modularity, and their stylistic and morphological versatility, provide a high-performance response to the most demanding requests of the luxury hospitality sector. In a period of history when everything is evolving fast, the home is increasingly accommodating a study area interpreted with a contemporary spirit, while the common spaces of the hotel and working spaces are changing to become more comfortable and convey a warm home sensation. The Minotti brand strategy has therefore also evolved, becoming more precise and innovative than ever in tackling the complex universe of the hospitality sector, now extending its portfolio to include a highly representational furnishing range, also for working spaces, by Marco Kogan / studio mk27.


The 2021 Collection is so rich and varied that it easily adapts to the world of workspaces, elegantly interpreting professional environments such as boardrooms, meeting rooms, management offices and high-level lobbies. This new direction taken by the brand, destined to be further developed in the future, is inaugurated by the furnishing elements designed by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27. Meeting tables, desks and seats have been created in response to the evolution of today’s working environments, offering a new range to cater for multifunctional meeting areas and hybrid solutions, also designed to complement elegant study environments in residential settings. Offices are transformed thanks to an interior that is increasingly elegant, sophisticated and functional, but always high profile, while the home finds itself welcoming work spaces inspired by the values of functionality and elegance, thanks to design projects made to measure for the new way of living and working.

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