Minotti 2017 Collection

Coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni
The 2017 collection goes well beyond the brilliant execution of a stylistic exercise; if anything, it is the transformation of an intuitive idea into a tangible product, one that brings vitality and form to different lifestyles and ways of inhabiting the home today.

Enchanting interiors that evoke an atmosphere of timeless elegance, yet are filled with the unexpected. A sophisticated aesthetic language that finds its voice in the choice of exclusive materials and surprising combinations – wood, stone, glass, fabrics and leather – with amazing textures and colors that kindle feelings of warmth. A wide-ranging and eclectic style that also emerges in the new Lawrence and Pollock seating systems, the Jacques collection and many accessories. Each one with its own, unmistakable personality, but capable of weaving a thought-provoking conversation in an intricate interplay of shapes, materials and fresh influences.

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