Minotti 2016 Collection

Coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni
The atmosphere that inspired the 2016 Collection echoes some of the motifs that distinguished the highly popular previous collection, especially in terms of the graphic and orderly interpretation of space, tempered this year toward a welcoming warmth and a more intimate connection with nature.

The quest for atypical elegance and a softer interpretation of the black-and-white color scheme were, however, retained in order to construct the perfect setting for the new Freeman seating system and the many new complementary pieces. Freeman embodies this dual identity: the Freeman “Duvet” elements feature smooth, enveloping lines and extra-soft cushions that, like a warm embrace, induce a feeling of pure relaxation. The Freeman “Tailor” elements express a different personality, with their more defined shapes and one-piece seats enhanced with top-stitching that accents their graphic nature and contemporary spirit. The wedding of these two spirits makes it possible to create compositions, with a dynamic air that characterize different moments in the day and different ways of using the sofa.

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