Minotti 2015 Collection

Coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni
The 2015 Collection is artfully balanced between contemporary design and modern classicism, distinguished by restrained, tasteful elegance, while introducing elements of surprise and offering new design perspectives.

The new collection draws upon the rational thought expressed by the Modern Movement, while at the same time taking inspiration from the plastic, sensual shapes of the more dynamic architectural movements.

The Yang and Seymour seating systems are both endowed with bold personalities and inherently express complementary, though opposing, artistic visions. Designed for a young, but discerning buyer with an eye for design and quality, the sleek geometric shapes of the Yang sofa allow the creation of islands of relaxation with varied compositions and accessories. Seymour, on the other hand, expresses a modern approach to classicism through the use of soft shapes and sinuous curves. Developed around these two different, but profoundly complementary ways of interpreting the sofa, is a wide collection of armchairs, furniture and accessories able to establish a network of relationships and to stimulate a  meaningful dialog among the various elements that each time tells a different, personal story.

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