Minotti 2014 Collection

Coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni
The 2014 Collection exhibits a cosmopolitan spirit, eschews mass production, and honors its strong ties with tradition. 
It unfolds through an authentic dialog between formal elegance inspired by the history of Italian design, the value of craftsmanship, the rigor of industrial design and the insight to capture contemporary trends. 

Tangible values like quality, style and comfort speak a timeless, universal language and converge in a collection that portrays perfect balance between product design, decorative taste and sophisticated interior decor, all clearly tracing back to the brand’s identity.



The 2014 Collection focuses on true design: alongside the study of proportions and the flow of lines, major emphasis is placed on the functional use of each product and on research into the most sophisticated technologies. 
The Collar sofa project is enhanced by an exclusive technology developed by Minotti Studio that makes it possible to modify the way the sofa is used by adjusting the position of the armrests and seat backs. 
An immense design effort went into the crafting of the Lang storage units, and their workmanship – which is based on fine cabinet making tradition – where every detail is meticulously designed to complement its use.
 Also for this collection, the company invested heavily in the production of molds, both for the creation of the foam products for the new seating systems, as well as in die-casting technology for crafting of certain elements, like the aluminum feet for the Aston series.
For Minotti, the ability to be innovative in the area of industrial design goes hand in hand with maintaining the heritage of craftsmanship acquired over time that forms one of the foundational values of the brand.

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