Minotti 2013 Collection

Coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni
As the brand identity moves forward, so does assertion of the bold, unique personality that for several years has energized the company’s collections. An unparalleled style that shows itself through an aesthetic language of its own and is nourished by an infinite wealth of ideas and know-how, in the synthesis of enlightened craftsmanship and advanced technology that is part of the Minotti DNA.

The Minotti 2013 collection evokes a certain era – the ’50s, ’60s and ‘70s – by drawing upon a veritable fount of design ideas and personalities that left an indelible mark on the history of Italian and international design. Echoes of contemporary American architecture, the light freshness of Scandinavian design, the strict formality of German rationalism, the calm and measured elegance of the Milanese school, and the ability to create cultured, sophisticated decor, all flow together in a perfect and at the same time original fusion of inspirations from the worlds of design, architecture and decor. Each of these references has created a culture of design that has become part of the collective imagination and can be glimpsed in many of the products that make up the collection. What makes Minotti undeniably original is the ability to interpret these trends, imbuing them with a sense of present time and distilling them into an eclectic collection that radiates its own unmistakable personality. Possessing a pronounced personality means to lend great weight to one’s own identity, challenging current thought with the consistency of one’s own thought process and the strength of one’s passion. Without, of course, going to extremes, because sobriety is one of the dominant traits of the brand, along with a sense of what’s right and the ability to create projects that are beyond the bounds of time and fashion.


Contributing to the development of the company’s brand identity are an increasingly full and complete product line, a bold communications strategy, a recognizable image and an extensive network of select distributors. Alongside these decisive factors in the company’s internationalization efforts was the recent addition of ultra high level technology, developed by the Minotti Studio, a team of professionals constantly engaged in research and development to find the best technical and aesthetic solutions for each product. The Minotti 2013 collection, like its predecessors, called for considerable investments in mold design. Many elements that characterize the new products, like the feet for the White and Spencer sofas, and the legs of the Owens chair, are crafted through die-casting, a high-performance industrial process that makes it possible to create complex shapes that are very thin and also very strong. Another example of a product that is highly technical is the Neto series of tables and coffee tables, whose base is made of Baydur® 60 structural polyurethane molded from exclusive designs. This flow between creative ideas and new technologies allows Minotti to offer tangible added value in every construction detail and strengthens the company’s traditional know-how that goes into the impeccable finishing touches on each individual product. It is precisely this inseparable synthesis of informed craftsmanship and optimization of production and industrial organization processes that makes Minotti a brand with a unique style that is increasingly difficult to emulate.

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